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    Hydrodynamic Instability; the Rayleigh-Taylor effect

    3y Saved to Exact Science
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    orange river quartz from namibia

    Studies of hydrodynamic shapes by Mark Beaufoy - print

    Shark , Skin surface - Fish Biomechanics & Hydrodynamics . Photo by J. Oeffner and G. V. Lauder

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    Formation of hydrodynamic shockwaves and 'rope tricks'. A nuclear warhead roughly 3 milliseconds after detonation

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    Nerve bundle cross section: Axons (orange) are wrapped in myelin (purple)

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    This is a real shooting star! It is only a couple of hundred light years distant. Mira is moving very fast relative to everything near it, likely because it was ejected from a star cluster.

    Properties of galaxies reproduced by a hydrodynamic simulation

    The moon and Venus as seen by the Clementine probe in 1994.

    A twisted strand of diatoms called, Helicotheca (syn. Streptotheca) tamesis. By Franz Neidl

    Blood clot on gauze dressing fibres Partially dried red blood cells clotted on the cotton fibres of a gauze wound dressing. Imaged at low vacuum to avoid charging of cotton fibres. Electron Microscopy x1500

    Microscopic hairs in your inner ear...

    Stunning high res images of the sun