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I didn't watch it, but I'm pretty sure that giving birth to my daughter counts! :) Done

✔Volunteer at a kids hospital. Accomplished: summer of 2015 before my senior year. I worked the Book Cart at Children's Hospital Oakland! :)

The Tunnel Of Love: A Place Lost In Time Named by local people as ‘The Tunnel of Love’ is a beautiful train track, lost in time and naturally covered by trees and greenery forming a tunnel. This gorgeous place can be found in Rivne, Ukraine, and was photographed by Oleg Gordienko.

i've seen it from across the water several times, but i've never gone right up to it before ..

Be a godmother: CHECK! I love my little man soo much! And am excited that my niece or nephew will be close enough in age that they can be best friends!

On the bucket list I will have to do this before I die. Definitely.