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Presents the first pulses from the first pulsar ever discovered.

A very special tattoo, perfect not only for every Joy Division’s fan. The album cover for "Unknown Pleasures", designed by Peter Saville, and. the reading of a pulsar, back in the Sixties.

How to Make your Own Temporary Tattoos 1. Sharpie thick lines of what you want 2. Rub baby powder on the area 3. Spray lots of hairspray on thee area 4. Run the area under cold water for 30 seconds once the hairspray has almost dried on your skin. And now you have a temporary tattoo lasting 1 month or so :) !!

How to temporary tattoo from one of your own drawings. it's like diy henna. good to try if you're unsure about a tattoo. it's like a test drive option for tattoos!


I can't tell if that says 'felt' or 'left'. nonetheless, I love it. --- looks more like 'fets'

traditional ilocano tribal tattoo

The tattoo took 13 hours total in 3 sessions because it was done tribal style with homemade soot ink, handmade bamboo tools, and tapped into the skin.

map.put a dot where I travel. different location though, even though that looks pretty sweet.

map of world globe wrist tattoo, the whole world in the palm of my hand map of world painted in palms of hands The world is in the palm of your hands thankful for world at your fingertips Thankful to have the world at my fingertips