Keep calm

Keep Calm And Get Tattooed :D

stay calm & get inked. wow I don't even have any tattoos just anxiously waiting for one!!


keep calm and then have a few shots of tequila

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i love my piercings and soon to be tattoos

; )

Keep Calm and Sew on Necklace.jpg (400×600)

Foot prints in the sand. If I were to get another religious tattoo, this would be it, minus the footprints. Just the quote "It was then that I carried you"


love this maybe??

when everyone asks me how much they hurt.... im thinking they dont, they put me in my happy calm place. :)

Keep Calm and...

People love to make my skin their business and I only have 5 small tattoos. #IfItsNotYourSkin #ItsNotYourBusiness

i love this idea!

Keep calm...

proud of my ink

Keep Calm And Love Penguins. Never seen this, do diy version for A?

Haha story of my life!