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what it's like to orbit earth by day, night, with northern lights, and over lightening storms. by Tomislav Safundžić. Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University has proposed a "Ekpyrotic Model" of the Universe that describes our current universe as arising from a collision of two three-dimensional worlds (branes) in a space with an extra (fourth) spatial dimension. The proposal is interesting in and of itself, but also because it is the precu...See More — with August Depner. Unlike · · Share

NASA Releases Stunning New Images of the Earth at Night

The Earth At Night - photos by NASA. See the video here!

The Earth as You've Never Seen it Before: Atmosphere, Airglow and Aurora by AJRCLIPS. A truly powerful image generates questions.

Now I feel dizzy…

We're all astronauts aboard a tiny little spaceship called Earth~~ R. Buckminster Fuller