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oatmeal canisters covered in scrapbook paper...fits 2 rolls of TP perfectly. great for camping or road trips

Did you know that toilet paper rolls fit perfectly inside oatmeal cans? Cover with scrapbooking paper and place in your bathroom! (Cathy, hope you don't mind not being the only one with oatmeal containers in your bathroom!

Store bobby pins in paper clip holder!!

Bobby pin holder from paper clip holder -smart idea!- i need to do this so I can stop trying to hold my hair in place while I dig around the drawer for a bobby pin!

100  Ideas to Help Organize Your Home and Your Life... This is the mother load!!! :) wow

I looked over these and there are really great and clever organizing ideas. Ideas to Help Organize Your Home and Your Life. This is the mother load! I really liked the idea of using a over the door shoe rack for the linen closet

You can use the for keeping Qtips, bobby pins and baby wipes on your purse!!

DIY Tutorial - recycle Medicine Bottles into a Q-tip Storage Container using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Would be great to throw in suitcase or purse for travel. could also store safety pins, bobby pins, etc. Why didn't I think of that

Organizing a snack basket, with proper portions all ready to go. love all her ideas on this organizing blog

Healthy Snack bin in the Pantry - I like the pre-portioned items! This is also a great idea for prepping for kids lunches for the week.or me.

embroidery hoop + pillowcase = always open laundry bag. Great idea in the laundry room for dirty kitchen towels.

Ever-Open Laundry Bag—really good idea. A hanging laundry bag saves floor space, but you have to wrestle with the drawstring to deposit dirty clothes. Have it both ways when you prop it open with a large embroidery hoop (at least Martha Stewart

Using a tennis ball container to store cupcake liners!

Don't Toss It! Repurpose It

Tennis ball canister upcycled repurposed to hold baking liners. Frees up lots of room in the pantry and nothing gets squished.

Diy scarf holder! Keep all your scsrves together without the mess and confusion. Plus it practically takes up no room in your closrt!

Diy Scarf Organizer - A hanger and shower rings. Great Gift Idea For The Scarf Junkie {holy Crap I Need This}

Sheet metal inside cupboard to hide all the crap otherwise on your fridge!

Sheet metal inside cupboard to hide all the crap otherwise on your fridge ~ also do inside some of the doors with cork or chalkboard paint. keep the clutter hidden! If I go with shelves instead of upper cabinets, use this on inside of pantry doors.

Ways to Repurpose Crystal Light Containers

DIY: Repurpose Crystal Light Containers

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container? Cheese holder and 25 other things.I(Staci) buy Crystal light all the time and then throw away.I always have cheese and put in ziplocks,but this is way better.I better save them now.