for the back yard- plant lemon grass for privacy and to keep the mosquitos away

I hate mosquitos. Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio… it repels mosquitoes and it grows tall I hate mosquitos. Plant lemon grass in big pots for the…

This year!

51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

must try.Mosquito grass (a. Lemon Grass) repels mosquitoes the strong citrus odor drives mosquitoes away. In addition to being a very functional patio plant, Lemon Grass is used in cooking Asian Cuisine, adding a light lemony taste

6 Air Purifying House Plants 1. Bamboo Palm Tree 2. Snake Plant 3. Areca Palm Tree 4. Spider Plant 5. Lily of Peace 6. Gerbera Daisy

6 Air Purifying House Plants - Bamboo Palm Snake Plant Areca Plant Spider Plant Peace Lily Gerbera Daisy Removes formaldahyde, carbon monoxide, mold spores and absorbing nitrogen oxides.

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Mosquito Trap: Boil 1 cup water.  Stir in 1 cup sugar.  Add in 2 cups cold water.  Once it's no more than 90degrees, add 1 tsp yeast. Make sure to tape the cut off top inside the body of the 2 liter bottle so the CO2 doesn't escape through the sides.  cover in something black (mosquitos are attracted to dark things) and watch it work.  Replace the solution every 2 weeks.

Take that mosquitos!- Mosquito trap - Cut the top off a 2 liter bottle. Invert the cone and place it inside the straight part of the bottle. Glue the two pieces together. Add 1 tsp yeast and cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into

Love the natural rock idea too, though wood burning please

I don't know if I would do the gas fire pit thing but I love the big rocks around the edge. 19 Impressive Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For More Attractive Backyard

MOSQUITO REPELLING PLANTS Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Castor, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedar, Peppermint, Clove, Geranium, Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Basil, Thyme, and Garlic

A List of Mosquito Repelling Plants

Mosquito-Repelling plants: Citronella, or West Indian lemongrass, Catnip is said to be 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes, Cascading Geranium, another bug repelling plant


The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden

Gosh I'm just obsessed with creeping jenny . Height Spill Fill Container Gardening The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden