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This ‪October‬, we’re celebrating ‪Bat Month‬! Get your ‪‎family‬ involved by starting a campaign to protect ‪bats‬ and check back throughout the month for lots of bat facts and ‪Halloween‬ fun!

from Laughing Squid

Blossom the Baby Bat

Blossom is a baby blossom bat that came into the care of Louise Saunders of Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland following a suspected cat attack, according to ZooBorns. The tiny bat was nursed back to health on nectar mix and milk formula, and was raised from a baby under Saunders’ care. Once Blossom was strong enough, the bat was released back into the wild on Macleay Island in Queensland, Australia.

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Excruciatingly Cute Picture Of A Little Baby Panda Waving His Tiny Panda Paw

It's panda @Mark Van Der Voort Starnes! "Hey, welcome to work" #evil #Bad #baby girl #lovely kid #Cute Baby|

HE BUMBLEBEE BAT - the incredible bumblebee bat is the SMALLEST mammal in the world, weighing about the weight of a penny. It is listed in the TOP 12 MOST endangered list.

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Cuteness: Overflow!

cute little bats

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Adorable baby bats - honestly - snuggled in wool at animal shelter

That's right, these are baby bats. And they're adorable! I'd snuggle them.