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Worksheets: Animal Teeth

Worksheets: Run with the Cheetahs

Great to use during Dental Health Unit what we know about teeth, how can you care for your teeth?..."I can....." show different animal teeth and try to guess whose teeth they are.

What An Animal Needs

Worksheets: Squanto Biography

Worksheets: How Do Butterflies Eat?

What do animals do in the winter?

Animal Classification worksheet

Worksheets: Coin Challenge: What's the Change?

Letters hidden in familiar nursery rhymes. FREE downloads, one worksheet each from A-Z.

Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Chomping at the Bit

Plant and Animal Needs

Worksheets: Life Science Learning: Life Cycle of a Frog

Worksheets: West South Central Region

{Lego Animal Alphabet} This. is. awesome.

EGG (TEETH) STAIN EXPERIMENT - we soaked eggs overnight to see what liquids stained the worst (juice, soda, tea, coffee, water, milk). Then we tried brushing away the stains to see how toothpaste helped remove the buildup. Then talk about which is the healthiest for you and your teeth.


Plant Life Cycle Worksheet

Sorting: Animals That Like the Snow / Animals That Do Not Like the Snow

What If I Had Animal Teeth? (opinion writing to go along with book)

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