Steampunk Animals Sculptures by Edouard Martinet

Edouard Martinet’s Metal Animals Sculptures. He uses all sorts of recycled…

French artist Edouard Martinet has an incredible talent for seeing bits and pieces of junk as more than just piles of trash. With great detail and precision, the artist assembles everything from bike chains and clock springs to old spoons and cake tins to form a variety of amazing bug sculptures.

Old Junk Repurposed Into Playfully Detailed Bug Sculptures

JM Gershenson-Gates is a Chicago-based jeweler who creates unique accessories from discarded watch parts, in a bid “to show the beauty of the mechanical world, a place generally hidden from the public behind metal and glass.”

Mechanical Arthropods and Insects Made from Watch Parts and Light Bulbs watches sculpture insects assemblage - justin gershenson-gates

The Raindrop Circuit Board Winged Insect by DewLeaf on Etsy

The Raindrop Circuit Board Winged Insect


Igor Verniy - Russian Artist Creates Steampunk Animals From Old Car Parts, Watches And Electronics


Intricate metal animal sculptures created by French artist Edouard Martinet. He uses all sorts of recycled objects to create amazingly detailed creatures – from bicycle parts to kitchen elements.

Adventure Graphics: Los insectos mecánicos de Gershenson-Gates

Artist Constructs Spine-Chilling Insects And Spiders From Recycled Watch Parts

elizabeth goluch | Elizabeth Goluch - MUD DAUBER WASP Copper, sterling silver, peridot 11 ...

Mud Dauber Wasp sculpture by Elizabeth Goluch - copper, sterling silver, peridot - x x