what a lovely forest

Another Bottle Tree

Bottle tree garden art

Now, that's a bottle tree!!

Excellent recycle idea and how awesome for these plants!

bottle tree

bottle tree

Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar 1/2 cup salt & Liquid dish soap (any brand) Empty spray bottle Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. This solution works best if you use it on a hot day. Spray it on the weeds in the morning, and as it heats up it will do its work.

Insulator bottle tree

Glass Bottles border flower bed

wine bottle peacock

bottle trees along Rt. 66 in CA.

another take on the bottle tree: bottle teepee

a project for this spring

My bottle tree! I love this bottle tree! Trying to gather ideas for one.

Bottle Trees

Bottle Trees

Solar Light bottle tree

Bottle fence --COOL! drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it.

blue bottle trees photos | Garden bottle tree by ~SparksMcGhee on deviantART

Bottle Tree Flowers.