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♥♥J. Paul McCartney♥♥ hes so cute and silly, ugh

"I love how flexible his face is and how he just completely commits to the part and makes insane faces all the time... so many actors would be too worried about whether they looked handsome or silly." -- This!

The boys at the Sherlock series having fun...

Elizabeth Taylor ~ officially my favorite picture of her! She was awesome...

Benedict Cumberbatch & Fiancee Sophie Hunter Expecting First Child Together

They Dated?!

Shirley Temple (5) - 1933 - Kid in Hollywood

Beatles fans, 1960s.

The Beatles

Lucille Ball and daughter Lucie at their home, 1952

Maureen O'Hara with daughter Bronwyn

Jane Mansfield (4/19/33 - 6/29/67) American actress in film, theatre, and television, a nightclub entertainer, a singer, and a major Hollywood sex symbol of the 1950s and early 1960s, and her daughter Mariska Hargitay.

Princess Grace with her newborn daughter Stephanie in March, 1965.

Emma Ferrer shares her favorite photographs of her grandmother, Audrey Hepburn. See them all here.

Baby Rose Louise Hovick (Gypsy Rose Lee). (ca. 1914)

Audrey and her son.

Jackie and Caroline Kennedy - The Kennedy family is an American family of Irish descent who are prominent in American politics and government.

Elizabeth Taylor This photo was on the flyleaf of the book, "Mother's Encyclodepia."

Jackie and Caroline in Photobooth

A young Jack and Jackie in a photobooth.

Waylon Jennings and Buddy Holly. Photobooth circa 1959. The original hipsters.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler "Gone With the Wind" ~ "Frankly my dear..."

Josephine Baker ~ She was a huge animal lover, a civil rights activist and adopted many children from around the world that she loving referred to as her 'rainbow tribe'

Sophia Loren in her Mercedes-Benz 300SL, I want them both!