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Navajo Girls

White Buffalo, (Cheyennes) 1898

Native Americans and compassionate people are the real masters of earth 4 life, conquerors are just robots 4 murder and genocide, wake up world and don't support evil in any way, go vegan and self-sufficient, dammebleustartgat...

vintage native american photography | ... Sleep – Native American mother with papoose | Vintage Printable

Pomo Indian woman carrying baby in cradleboard. Lakeport, California. 1900-1940.

An Inuk girl with her husky puppy in the hood of her amatiuq circa 1920. Mothers would also carry their infants in the same manner. This little girl is playing mommy and baby with her puppy.

Petowya, Cayuse Indian who saw Lewis and Clark in 1806. Lived to be 111.

Te Ata Fisher. Famous storyeller and member of the Chickasaw Nation. My first knowing of a Chickasaw.

Cheyenne 1910.

Tulalip Indian woman knitting 1906.

Cherokee woman

Navajo Native American Indian Children Baby by ThePostcardDepot

1899 US Silver Certificate. The only US paper money with a Native American central portrait.

Winnipeg Jack ~ Blackfoot Tribe


Scorched Lightning, Lakota Sioux. Photo by L.A. Huffman. Late 1800s.

Jicarilla Maiden, Native American 1905 by Edward S. Curtis.

Native Indians

Luzon Woman 1870-1914

Cabinet Card. Geronimo's family.

This picture was taken in 1908. It is another portrait by Edward Curtis. The photograph shows an Apsaroke  mother and child.

Kiowa woman and child - no date

Little Chief - Mniconjou - circa 1905

Sioux, Black Hills

C.1903 postcard of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show performer Lakota Sioux Native American identified as Chief Sands Rock. s*c