Create this rope-like effect by simply pulling loose threads on a T shirt

DIY watercolor sweater

i wanna make one of these shirts, all you would need is a shirt, ribbon, needle and thread and grommets

C: Side split top tutorial

Cute Shredded White Tee

Take a guy's old t-shirt and refashion it like this...Looks pretty cute to me :)

All it takes is 3 slices and you have a very cool funky vest!

another great use for men's shirt

diy t-shirt

So many DIY shirt and dress reconstruction tutorials here.

make any tshirt more feminine...


DIY INSPIRATIONAL IMAGE: Atreyu Shredded Band Shirt by TShreds on Etsy, $36.00

31 Easy DIY Projects You Won’t Believe Are No-Sew

apothecary diy

Spice up an old shirt with this DIY

"I’d probably get a soft men’s shirt from the thrift store, then cut off the top straight across the shoulders. After cutting out strips I’d braid them together to create the straps. Then you just sew the straps to the shirt and wa-lah!"

turn a tight shirt into a loose one...this is a brilliant idea. So cute

Old T-shirt head bands - comfy - no pressure/pinching!

Grey, No Sew Vest. Super easy. Make one in 5 minutes.