Create this rope-like effect by simply pulling loose threads on a T shirt

Super cute N-Sew Tee Shirt Sleeve Tutorial.

DIY cut sleeve and gathered with thread t-shirt. Not my team, but want to do this! GO BRONCOS!

Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Projects

DIY Chevron Tee

Turn a boxy shirt into a cute one you'll want to wear all the time! Add a feminine silhouette by creating a shirt/sweater combo that is comfortable and flattering.

Diy : Lace inset into jeans

T- Shirt Braiding DIY | Handmade with Love :) ...Quick and easy way to create a unique fitted shirt from an over-sized T-shirt. This is done by braiding, not sewing!!

DIY...create a Jane-Eyre style shrug from a t-shirt

DIY turning a tight tank top into a loose fitting shirt by adding lace to the sides

Grey, No Sew Vest

t-shirt dress

No-sew T-shirt reconstruction

quite possibly the cutest diy shirt I've ever seen.

DIY 4 way draped tee shirt

4 dollar Tee + 1 Dollar Store Towel = Fabulous Anthro-inspired Shirt!!

Shirt extension diy idea

DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

Simple T-Shirt a piece of lace with two straight lines on the machine...easy peasy! (If I had a sewing machine)