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    Because people suck. I'd put a picture, and explain why I'd like to punch them in the face. Kinda like the Mean Girls burn book? <3

    All true!

    need a punch in face

    Library Embosser $26 - love!

    Some Of The Best Book Dedications You Would Ever Read.

    Too funny.

    Brutally honest (26 photos) but so true u know how much I wish for one day I could do this. Got a few people in mind lol

    I am laughing more than I should be!

    Omg I can't stop laughing

    keeping it real


    I can't stop laughing hahaha

    so true

    pretty much.

    I need to start one of these...

    Haha, story of my life

    Story of my life! I say some sarcastic thing and said person just laughs and tells me I'm funny. All I think is "that wasn't a joke...", Go To to get more Gossip News!

    Can't stop laughing!

    So true


    You know who you are! haha!