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    heh heh heh!

    • Danielle Desjarlais

      Aww! Look at his little puppy smile! Complete with itty bitty puppy teeth! SO madly in <3 with this little thing....

    • Came Lara

      Did You Know your dog has 42 Teeth?! Thats lots of pearly whites to keep clean! Find out how to keep them clean on the BBS Healthy Dog Blog! // #pitbull #puppies #bullies #Bully #cutebully #americanbully

    • JoDee Courtney

      The most murdered dog at "shelters". Did you know the Pit Bull was actually the "Nanny dog" of royalty. Actually placed in the nursery to protect children!?! How did they earn the opposite reputation? Because many humans are stupid! Love the smile! Love Your Dog? Visit our website NOW!

    • Tina Grondin

      pit bull puppy. ••••(KO) This is one of the "let's play" positions. Play with your dog! Everyday! It strengthens the bond between you and your pup and makes him/her feel loved. Also walk your dogs. You don't keep yourself confined to the house and backyard, so don't do it to your dog(s)! Walking socializes your pup and broadens his horizons. Walk 'em people.

    • Amber Hodges

      CHEESE! Smiling for the cmera..this pit bull puppy looks almost exactly like my wittle Gage!

    • Holly Gray

      pit bull puppy: "I'm on your bed but I'm adorable so you won't make me get off!" Smile!

    • C.

      #animals #pets #dogs #puppies #pitbulls #brown #brownfur

    • Rebecca Mora Hambly

      Smile little Pit Bull Puppy, you're on camera. Hahaha!

    • Lindsey Treuil

      pit bull puppy Look at his little smile. So cute!

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