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Couture Allure Vintage Fashion: Country Clothes, 1967 - Part 1

Jean Patou, 1967. Mod vintage fashion.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion: Donald Brooks Coat, 1967

Had several dresses just like this one, wore it with long straight hair down to my waist. Boy was I cool. LOL

Two models, on a clear and magenta Plexiglas throne by Quasar, 'Mademoiselle' magazine, April 1967. Courtesy of Condé-Nast archives.

the 1960s- 1967 fashion

Benedetta is wearing a short fuschia crepe dress sashed high by Gino Charles, photo by Penn, Vogue, 1967

1967 great hat - styles don't change they just recycle. 1967 was a great year. I'm pretty sure I was her size when I was 17...... oh the memories.

Vogue, 1967 - Not sure I'm crazy about the geometric designs but I love the idea and pattern. However, me? I would difinitely swap the larger square on her stinacg for the smaller one just above it (blue dress). It may only be an illusion, but hey, it all helps. lol