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Light grey jacket, grey pinstripe shirt, brown/orange/white/blue stripe tie, green sweater vest

Being a gentleman (or a lady) is purely a matter of choice.

1958, earth tones

Earth tones look great in a living room, are quiet and rest.

I chose earth tones this time because I planned on having them do it outdoors, but bright color swatches would be perfect for a playroom scavenger hunt or autumn hues would be great when the leaves start changing colors.

Earth tones are never my strong suit, but oh, I do love combos like this!


Stay cool...

door handles

Love this place

Texas Dance Hally Gruene, Texas

Texas Dance Hall


Today is the Day!

Keep those who matter, they will always be for you, no matter what... Forget those who mind, they will always mind no matter what you do... but their opinions don't matter in the first place, so go on and succeed anyway! ~Angela from www.calligraphyby...

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