1016 - “I admit, I was afraid to love. Not just love, but to love her. For she was a stunning mystery. She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand, and I, I was afraid to fail, like the others. She was the ocean and I was just a boy who loved the waves but was completely terrified to swim.”

Shark! Shark! Shark!


this is so cool!

deep waters

Japanese Firefly squid, amazing

Amazing photo of a kite surfer and a Blue Whale, offering us an amazing size comparison from an aerial view. (taken in February of 2012).

Sharks Make Me Happy Mug! This would be cute on a shirt

Kelp Forest

Whale Shark

Neon surfer GLow in the dark surfer

Gliding Over A Tiger Shark In The Bahamas. Photo by Raul Boesel

MARK HEALEY free diving with great white!!!


The Most Perfectly Timed Photos I’ve Ever Seen - What an amazing pic of a great white shark!! #shark