Funky nail designs

Nail design is looking very gorgious

Love the design

nail designs

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when you can't decide on a color...

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Polish Art Addiction

nail art tutorials

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

this one you just need tape and2 colors of nail polish and you can do it

design done by using nail striping tape to help make the perfect lines with nail polish

nail art

nail art

Rainbow nails with leopard design

Really pretty nail design, but maybe with classier colors, like gold and bronze :) <3

Like pastels with gold tip but I would probably only do one color

There's something so feminine and also edgy about lace that makes it attractive to both men and women! Why not add some lace with nail glue? Or after applying your base color place some lace over part of your nail and go over it with another nailpolish? You will have beautiful and stylish nails and have your friends thinking you went to the salon when really you managed to do it all by yourself!