for teaching seasons/months

My Little Book of Seasons - Freebie

A Four Seasons Foldable Freebie!

My Book of the Four Seasons: A Paper Bag Book ~ Creative Family Fun

Weather wheel study activity This is a great way to have students get involved in learning the seasons. They will be able to draw what the season looks like and write the months that these seasons occur. It will be a great tool that the students can use for reference later on. It could be an independent activity reinforcing their knowledge about weather.

Display students birthdays on a board using their photographs. Each student is holding a calendar number of their birthdate. The photo goes under the month heading of the birthday month. The background on this board is wrapping paper. The birthday board accents are available for purchase in Erica Bohrer's TpT store.

clothes sorting by season for k-2 part of 60 page weather and seasons unit!

In my school we use this as the assessment for the four seasons in science. It can be just a color-it activity or can be a full-blown artistic ren...


LEGO® 'Time Teacher' Watch & Activity Clock available at #Nordstrom

For kids that aren't paying attention.

First Grade Blue Skies: Freebie This is a great activity that labels the different stages of a tree during the different seasons.

Foldable idea for non-fiction texts

Seasons foldable

"Which Season do I belong To?" file Folder activity

Fluency Strips - an activity to teach reading fluently and with expression - Freebie

Attendance Motivation- This PBIS attendance reinforcer is originally meant for a class, but it also could be great for a student who is always tardy and/or misses the first period of the day.

This song is very catchy as well as introduces the 4 seasons and some of the characteristics that each season has. This would be a wonderful video to introduce the idea of the 4 seasons before you begin teaching it to the class. It could also use it as an interactive activity where the students answer what season it is before the answer is revealed.

Want to make trays: Apple, pumpkin, leaf, turkey, tree, circle, heart, clover, flowers, square, triangle, star, crescent, bear...

The Lesson Plan Diva: Landforms and Bodies of Water FREEBIE!