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    • Habiba Rothwell

      Military Wives. Some of the quotes to the right did not offend me...They were more of a laugh. But I heard them all! The WORST: Oh yea, I totally get what you are going through, I am devastated when my husband goes out of town for 1 night. Uh, not the same...AT ALL. Again, I admire all military families. military-army-wive-quotes-0

    • Caιт Adaмѕ

      I give military wives the most credit in the world. I thought it was hard for me and my fiance's career but its not nearly as hard as what they have to go through. I have nothing but love and respect for military spouses. <3

    • Amanda Satterfield

      A Salute to Military Wives. Support Military Wives because we are awesome! My husband might be retired now but I know army wife life all to well ,it kept me grounded and helped make our marriage a strong one. I appreciate all the support I got through those years and deployments from friends, family, and neighbors 💛

    • Military Bride (Ashley F)

      I don't normally condone the military wife, we serve too, especially since I've worn the combat boots, but these are facts and numbers.... This is what we military wives deal with in numbers.

    • Kristen

      Military Wives-I will admit it is not always easy. But as with anything you have to take the bad with the good & it has been an experience that I'm glad I got to be a part of! I am proud to call myself an Army Wife!!!

    • Amy Nielsen

      military wives - Ok except that I became a Military Wife at 37.......

    • Ashley Winch

      Proud Air Force Wife <3

    • Mario Betteta

      Military life.

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    One thing you will NEVER, EVER forget? Being on a commercial flight & crew makes announcement it is their HONOR to be a part of escorting a fallen soldier home. They ask after landing, that everyone remain seated while the military escort team disembarks. Of course, during this time the plane is SILENT, except for the sound of the coffin being unloaded from the cargo hold. I DARE you not to cry. Pray for our heros and their families. Thank you.

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