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  • Herp Derp

    Ray Guns "The ray gun is but one invention that, in the optimistic futurism of the early-to-mid 20th century, seemed to be just around the corner, like personal jet packs, food in pill form. Read more:"

  • Gwynne Powell

    Cetagandan hand weapons. I need to know all of these. I tried to make one but Bothari said it wasn't a good idea.

  • Caren Bradley

    pew pew pew

  • Janet Lin

    retro sci fi - Google Search

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Paige: I like the idea of our little creature, Fitz, having a weapon to compensate for his lack of ability to fight. And it would be comedic to see such a cute harmless creature take on a weapon like that.

Do not forget to pack this before you head out to the cosmos!!

This toy ray gun was made by space-toy manufacturer Pyro Plastics Corporation of New Jersey and sold as the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Pistol during the 50s. Invented by Grover C. Schaible, the patent application was filed in 1952

Vintage ray guns ONLY intended for the Defense of American Space Interests.

The Secret Origin of the Ray Gun in Science Fiction. "...Laser pistols are as identifiable with science fiction as rocketships, aliens, and robots, even though the first laser wasn't invented until 1960. So what spurred science fiction writers to start arming their characters with atomic blasters and disintegrator rays?..." Click photo or link to read more.

Weta Originals Rayguns: Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector