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17 Captivating Fractals Found in Nature

Fractals are purely a wonder – too irregular for Euclidean geometry; iterative and recursive and seemingly infinite. They turn up in food and germs, plants and animals, mountains and water and sky

"Pandora's Box" by Kiersten Eagan. I would love something like this, only the demonic things coming out of her head instead.

Prevalent in the major works of Leonardo Da Vinci and underlying many of his design compositions, is the phi relationship (also known as the Golden Ratio or the Golden Mean), a ratio of approximately 1:1.618, found in nature and creation, and inherent in the Fibonacci sequence. The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the "divine proportion".