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pastel tones of sky sunset maybe clouds pink purple lavender baby blue


Release balloons to celebrate or Kickoff Week of the Young Child. Beautiful, but I worry that too many balloons released in the environment are not a good idea.


If God is Love Love Is Real ___________________ Then God is Real (I already knew that though, it's called having Faith :) God is love. Love is real love quotes nature god flowers positive faith real

balloons make me smile, especially when they are let go. only if they are environmentally friendly.

Colorful things

I actually went to an event where they released hundreds of white balloons into the night's dark sky and as terrible as I thought it was for the environment, like terrible. It was also one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

Balloons that glow - put a glow stick in it, this would be great for a night reception outside! AWESOME idea for my wedding. White balloons and glow sticks inside them

"Do you want to paint the white?" He asked. I signed at him that I would definitely ruin it if he put a paintbrush in my hands. "You will not." He shook his head. "I bet your hands are as graceful as your dancing, you've just never tried."

PICKMAN’S MODEL (HP Lovecraft) He wasn’t strictly human. Either he was born in strange shadow, or he’d found a way to unlock the forbidden gate. It’s all the same now, for he’s gone - back into the fabulous darkness he loved to haunt.

That's super pretty.

The one taller flower and halo of setting sun keep this picture from looking messy by giving the eye somewhere to go In Joyful Anticipation of Warmer Days by Philipp Klingler Photography - Wisselsheim, Hessen, Germany.