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Non-Candy Valentine's Day Gift Bag Ideas For Kids | Healthy Valentines | Class valentines via @craftymorning0

Free Printable Valentines Day labels part of a collection.

14 days of valentine for honey

Valentine's Day

Free Printable Valentine's Day lunch box jokes + coupons || Great way to help kids feel loved at school!

Great Valentine's Day idea! Put hearts on wall outside class and take photo of each kiddo. Use photo on card for parent/guardian. I will write on card... Sending lots of love your way on Valentines Day.

Vintage Valentines Day

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Free printable Valentine joke notes - perfect for lunches or to trade in class

50 Ideas for Making Your Own Valentines-- a lot of cute ideas I haven't seen before.

Valentine's Day Love Potion no. 9 Printable Labels via Amy Huntley (The Idea Room)

Life is a (Symphony) on Valentine’s Day! And to my (Big Hunk or SweetTart) I just wanna say…. Please don’t (Snicker) at my silly rhyme, And we’ll celebrate with a (Whopper) of a time! I wouldn’t trade you for…(100 Grand) Because you’re (Good & Plenty) and my best friend. You probably think this gift is funny, But I’ll always be your…(Bit O’ Honey) So, let’s have (Mounds) of fun today, And have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Make Your Child Feel Special on Valentine’s Day

simple as that: Printable Pop Rocks Valentine's Day Gift Tags

These handmade door tags make for great Valentine's Day decor. They will give your front door that unique touch your looking for. These offer a rustic yet modern feel to your entry way.

Even after all of these years I am still NUTS about you. So far I've seen amo that says I've been shot in the heart by u, duct tape that says u hold every thing together and super glue with I'm stuck on you just some ideas for your guy