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    See the "Folding Heart Cards" in our Valentine's Day Cards gallery

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    Valentine's Day Heart envelope.

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    Simple Valentine Cards For Kids

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    Folding Envelope Hearts - Friends will be aflutter over envelopes that turn into valentines - Valentine's Day card cards valentine idea ideas DIY cute hearts love kids kids at heart class classroom tutorial how to simple easy affordable cheap martha stewart living

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Antique-Style Valentine As early as the 1790s, sweethearts exchanged "puzzle purses." In this version, a poem runs along the edges, starting outside the folded square. The text, embellished with stamped and painted designs, is revealed in stages as the card is opened. How to Make an Antique-Style Valentine

Another cute card idea! Print a template on card stock, cut, and trace onto the paper for the folded piece. (If making one card, print directly on desired paper.) Fold along score marks. Then unfold, cut out, and refold. Position the folded piece inside base card so it pops. Secure with double-sided tape.

Fun for V-Day. Cupcake goodies how-to: Cut out heart or other shape from construction paper; add cut-out images, ribbons, or paper or fabric flowers,and glue to center of liner.

ideas for Valentines Day. Made smaller you could give someone a bunch to mark pages of books or magazines.

More origami how to. Reminds me to find and post the best Origami book I know. Watch for the pin.

folded paper hearts by upon a fold

Directions for how to create Valentine Heart Napkins: Courtesy of the book Napkin Folds by Bridget Jones and Madeline Brehaut. You'll need a cotton/polyester napkin that will hold a crease. 1. Fold the napkin in half, bringing the top edge down and towards you. 2. Fold it almost in half again, bringing the bottom edges up just short of the top. 3. With a finger at the centre bottom, fold both sides up to meet in the middle. 4. Turn the napkin over, keeping the point towards you. Fold...