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Lost & Found Board for Laundry Room - I might need this 4x as large to cover my crew's lost socks etc ;)

vintage sheets as fabric curtains for the laundry room cabinets

Counter above washer and dryer, perfect for folding! Love everything about this.

I will do laundry more often if I have a pretty chandelier to look at

de-mystifying laundry icons. Great Idea for Laundry Room artwork. Would also love a stain treating poster.

If you hang laundry baskets on the wall and label them, you will be able to keep your loads sorted which will save space and time when it comes to washing clothes. You could also purchase one of those hampers that is divided into three sections and label it so that you get additional sorting and storage.

If this had a "sucks" under the laundry sign, it would be perfect… Adorable laundry room.

Drowning in Laundry? Here is 1 Amazing Trick to help lighten your laundry load! (laundry room tips)