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Chore Sticks! As soon as the kiddos get home from school, they grab their jar & get to work on their chores. {Their “chores” also include things like eating a snack, homework, reading along with the usual chores like cleaning your room, putting your clothes away, etc…} Have them complete all their chores before dinner. It makes evenings a lot less stressful, & gives more family time.

Easy Chore Charts

DIY chore chart

Turn Cookie Sheets into Chore charts for kids! Use magnets for a quick, easy way to keep track of chores.

One simple tip to help you stop yelling at your kids. Seriously, it's simple, yet effective!

chore charts

Chore charts! I like this idea for when my kids get older.

Chore Chart http://www.bostonparentspaper.com/

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25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9. Would be a good FHE lesson

5 reasons why kids need to help clean. Plus printable chore chart by age!

Mainly pinning this because of the reward coupons. It's a neat idea to reward the kids for chores, but not break the bank as well.

a chore chart with a punch card chore idea - AWESOME! I have a couple of years before the boys are old enough to READ these but I love this idea and will certainly put it to use when they are old enough (to mow, take out the trash, clean the windows, etc). I might try to come up with some ideas of easy 'chores' to get them used to this though.

Create this fun and modern kids chore chart from mason jars and popsicle sticks - great way to manage kids' daily chores and reward them for finishing! StuffedSuitcase.com

Morning High Five - easy guide for chores in the morning

Family Chore Chart

Washi Tape - Peony me & my BIG ideas

Four simple steps you can take right now to create a chore chart that WORKS. This in-depth post includes 4 charts, plus a helpful list of tasks by age.