Homemade Twirling Ribbon Sticks in 5 minutes - Happy Hooligans

Lots of really fun fairy crafts full of pretty flowers, magical dust and tiny food.

Nature Craft - Stick twirling ribbons

Ribbon hoops...fun to make & safer than ribbon "sticks" for running children.

Ribbon hand kites. Great for little kids who like to dance and twirl and run! Could make on shower curtain rings.

Kids love this crazy fun summer art activity! | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Popsicle Stick Crafts for Preschoolers | 25 Popsicle and Craft Stick Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Use paint, felt, and googly eyes to turn craft sticks into Family Fun’s farm animals!

Painting on foil--add dish soap to paint to help it stick...

striped popsicle sticks by Sucre Shop / Sucre Shop

Monster Swatters - A tried and true solution to help kids who are afraid of bedtime monsters. Happy Hooligans

paper bag tiara - happy hooligans

Forest Craft: How To Make A Picture Frame With Sticks @MaryAnn Nesbit I feel like we did this for craft day. And then hung them in the apartment.

DIY (Pirate) Cork Boats - Great For The Kids .. these little cork boats are super quick to make (takes minutes) and float REALLY well.

Sticks! Sticks! Glorious Sticks!!! 10 Stick Crafts - finally get crafty with all those sticks brought back from walks.

Homemade Coloured Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Draw on sandpaper with crayolas, iron the image on to a tshirt and viola! you have a cheapo way to kill some time, and a cute apparel item. cool.

22 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes - kids crafts, holiday crafts, toddler and preschooler activities... so many things to make with toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls and more! Happy Hooligans

Cherrio Bird Feeders - easy for kids to make (happy hooligans)

Ocean in a Bottle with 3 Simple Ingredients - Happy Hooligans