Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar - pure genius!

Mommy Survival Kit

50 Mother's Day Crafts to Celebrate Moms

"Rush Survival Kit" for littles first recruitment!

Gift ideas

Survival Kit For Mothers

What a fun idea!

Gifts In A Jar

Mothers Day | This cute jar is filled with a few things for pampering herself.

Packaged Flower Bulbs -- Gift Idea

simple and cheap gift idea :)

Survival Kit Ideas | Teacher's Survival Kit, from Serenity Now blog

Friendship Survival Kit...what a great idea

Mom's Survival Kit - cute gift idea

A Girl's Survival Kit Gift

You can buy your bottle on sales or on marked downs then add in what you want. It is a good idea. Leave one in your car, office, where ever.

New Mom Survival Kit w/ Printable -- cute!