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Shrink Film Friendship Necklaces.

It seems like it was yesterday when it was me the one giving and receiving those precious friendship necklaces from my little friends at school. My Anni this year doesn’t just have one but two really good special friends. She wanted to make something special for them and this is what we came...
  • Enjoying Life

    Gift Idea: Super cute DIY Shrinky Charm and Necklace Tutorial.

  • Tarah Foster

    The 36th AVENUE | Shrink Film Friendship Necklaces. | The 36th AVENUE

  • Didi Leinweber

    FAMILY GIFT IDEA (to cousins?) Super cute and easy DIY Shrinky Charm and Necklace Tutorial, possibilities are endless

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The 36th AVENUE | Shrink Film Friendship Necklaces. | The 36th AVENUE

Neat shrinky dink craft.

hotcakes: Shrinky Dink Flower Charms

I can only remember making Shrinky Dinks ONCE as a child but for some reason, the need to play with these things has consumed me for a while. So, I finally went to Michael’s Art Store and found a package of Shrink Art. I didn’t want to use my Shrinky Dinks in the typical manner; coloring little pictures on them. What I wanted to do was see if I could make PHOTO Shrinky Dinks ---> www.discountqueen...

SHRINKY DINK: Now, I know a special Mother/Grandmother who would love this for sure. Too precious.

Shrinky Dink jewelry....Sooo much fun! Once I started making these I couldn't stop!

shrink plastic camera charms by Something Monumental