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    How to Clean your Washing Machine

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      33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You -- This one is for your washing machine.

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      Clean your clean machine: the washer. | 37 Deep Cleaning Tips Every Obsessive Clean Freak Should Know |

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      #Tips: Clean your clean machine: the washer. | 33 Meticulous #Cleaning #Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You #washing_machine

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      33 Cleaning Tips, including cleaning your washing machine. Plus a pretty heated debate about the overuse of the term "OCD" in describing someone who likes a clean environment.

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      Time for spring cleaning! Cleaning tips an tricks you never thought of

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      Clean washing machine cleaning-tips

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      washing machine cleaner

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      House Cleaning Tips

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      Step 1: Fill the washing machine up and pour in 2 cups of white vinegar. Let it set for 1 hour. Step 2: Start the washing machine over again and let it run through a complete cycle. When the machine drains if it still has grime on it use a sponge and scrub it down really well. Add straight white vinegar to the sponge for the best results. Look at how much better that is! Step 3: Fill washing machine up again and pour in 2 cups of bleach. Let it soak for 1 hour. While it is soaking use Q-Tips to detail all the nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to clean the knobs and the lid too. Step 4: Restart the washing machine and let it run through a complete cycle. Once the cycle has finished you are done; your washing machine will be clean and shiny! If you have a front-loading machine, don’t worry, you can use these same steps to clean your washing machine but with a few modifications. Instead of putting the vinegar and bleach (at separate times!) directly in the tub and then letting them soak for an hour {steps 1 & 3}, you will put each ingredient {at the appropriate step} in the detergent dispenser and run the machine through a complete cycle. I recommend cleaning your washing machine at least once a year, it’s a great task to add to your Spring Cleaning list! *This post needs some clarification as there are TONS of comments about the dangers of mixing vinegar and bleach. Yes, mixing the two of these causes toxic fumes, but read this tutorial again and see that you are not mixing these two liquids together.

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