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Teaching children honesty! This will really impact your children and show them how lies effect the people around you.

Mother's Nichefrom Mother's Niche

What Matters Most: Fun Traditions For Every Major Holiday

What a FABULOUS collection of ideas for traditions! Kids birthdays, everything!

Another Pinner wrote: Conflict Resolution. This is almost identical to what I use in my classroom, but after step 5 I often have to model suggestions for the kids, since they often have language or cognitive delays. IT WORKS!

Consequences That Actually Work! "Forced apologies don’t teach true remorse and reconciliation... Parents can set kids up for sincere reconciliation. ...Restitution consequences encourage personal responsibility and usually end with one child feeling cared for and the other feeling caring."

Teaching kids about money - guidelines for teaching kids about money to be successful


Too Young to Fail? Teaching Kids About Money

Too Young to Fail? Teaching Kids About Money - Awesome stuff!!


Parents - Parenting & Baby News, Advice

19 things no one told you about having baby number 2. These are SPOT ON and some of them made me laugh out loud. Everyone with 2 or more kids must read!

Imperfect Homemakerfrom Imperfect Homemaker

Teaching Kids to be Thankful

Are your kids always whining and complaining? Help redirect them to an attitude of gratefulness with these tips!

Northern Trust Wealthfrom Northern Trust Wealth

How to Teach Your Children Money Values

Teaching Kids About Money

True Aimfrom True Aim

Pass the Manners, Please

Teaching Manners to Children: Pass the Manners, Please!

Your Modern Familyfrom Your Modern Family

how to help your kids behave at the store

TEN tips to have a CALM shopping trip with the kids. EVERY parent needs to teach their kids how to behave in a store!

MOMables® - Real Food Healthy School Lunch & Meal Ideas Kids Will LOVEfrom MOMables® - Real Food Healthy School Lunch & Meal Ideas Kids Will LOVE

Teach Your Kids How to Cook by Age

Have you been wondering at what age your kids can start helping out in the kitchen? Here is a list of tasks to help teach your kid how to cook by age.

This is a must read! Educate your children on "tricky people" not strangers....Tell them to find a mom with kids if they are ever lost...SO SMART! (I first heard this on Safety Kids.) Common sense stuff that isn't so common any more. Take a minute to read and think about how you will have these conversations with your children.

Imperfect Homemakerfrom Imperfect Homemaker

Teach Your Kids to Clean Up Their Own Messes

Teach Kids to Clean Up Their Own Messes! Great tips from experienced moms!

Frugal Living Momfrom Frugal Living Mom

Training Your Child to Become Financially Responsible

Teaching Kids About Money