teaching kids about the value of money and delayed gratification in an instant gratification world

Instant Gratification Chore Charts. Love this idea!

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21 questions to ask your kid - would be fun to do every year on video and save.

best thing I ever taught my kids...how I taught my kids to sit still in church

teaching kids empathy { Tips for how to get our kids to empathize with others}

*MUST READ* Strategies for TEACHING kids to protect themselves emotionally and physically, for helping them to become active listeners, and to Stand UP for THEMSELVES against bullies and abuse! Hilarious analogy to SUPER POWERS! {One Time Through} #kids #bullying #parenting

7 Safety Skills Every Child Should Know - #mothers #fathers #parents #kids #safety #skills #tips&tricks #parenting #parentingguide #mom #dad

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kids helping clean teaching

Do you feel like you are failing as a parent? So often when I find myself frustrated with the same issues, I realize that I have forgotten this one thing...

What a FABULOUS collection of ideas for traditions! Kids birthdays, everything!

Do you have an "out of control" kid? Here are three parenting secrets that will help you address your child's negative behavior, while cultivating a home of love! @alicanwrite

surprise kids without spending dime

10 ways to spend memorable time with your kids on the cheap - Cute things like "Have chocolate fondue for dinner" and "Have lunch UNDER the table!"

Teaching Kids to Clean: Tips, Age Appropriate Cleaning Lists, & Free Chore Charts

I absolutely love how this post teaches kids to love not for the sake of manners. (Christian perspective)

what to say to your kids when their friends get everything they want

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Happy Kids