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Celebrating 100 Day "I have 100..." and "I want 100..."

LOVE the googly eye 100th day shirt!

Santa is keeping his eye on you!

10 stickers on each strip + 10 strips... awesome 100th day hat :)

Our 100 Day Celebration Activity! "If I had 100 days to do whatever I wanted, I would..." Had to illustrate their writing with a picture using the numbers "1, 0, & 0"

Every year, Janey and I make a homemade craft that she gives to everyone in our family. This is so it next year. Gotta figure out the glue dollops? Buttons? (Can't be...wouldn't lay flat.) Ideas??

A cool idea: Throughout the day I drew out a name and that student got to pick a balloon for us to pop. Inside each balloon was a different 100 activity for us to complete. Some examples of things we did are... 100 jumping jacks, draw 100 shapes, count by 2's to 100, do 100 sit-ups, touch our nose 100 times, clap our hands 100 times, blink our eyes 100 times, etc.