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    • Will Foster

      Harrison Ford as Han Solo... the ultimate movie stud rockin the from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away style...

    • Elizabeth Saporito

      Harrison Ford in character as "Han Solo" from the "Star Wars" trilogy, 1977-1983

    • Shelby Rice

      Harrison Ford in character as "Han Solo" from the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

    • K. Fairbanks

      Harrison Ford as Han Solo - Star Wars - this looks like a costume test

    • KON DEF

      "You like me because I'm a scoundrel" #HanSolo #HarrisonFord #StarWars

    • Smart

      "Star Wars", Costume test photo of Harrison Ford as Han Solo

    • Jaclyne Brander

      #Hans #Solo #Before #IndianaJones #HarrisonFord ##AJB

    • Stock Pin

      Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars IV: A New Hope

    • Chuong Pham

      StarWars - Han Solo

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    I think the majority of houses in the States have 3" action figures of these guys...from your childhood or your kids!

    Han & Chewie :D

    I would gladly marry either Hon Solo or Indiana Jones. Young Harrison Ford built up so much of my dream man morale! ♥


    Han shot first!

    Star Wars.

    The Millenium Falcon ~ Han, Luke & Leia

    Luke and Han...

    Behind the scenes of Star Wars - Han and Leia

    he does

    Star Wars

    Han Solo’s Trophy Wall by Nick Runge


    Solo. Han Solo...

    This one too is going in my funny Star Wars photo frame. They are like children posing for school photo, Han is looking at his shoe, Leia is trying to be good but is distracted by her silly brother!

    Can they make these for all phones please?

    We're all fine are you?

    i mean, come on.