Activities: Play Punctuation Red Light, Green Light!

Teaching my first grade class about the four types of sentences (Declarative, imperative, interrogative, & exclamatory). This was a great review activity

FiveForFriday Punctuation Anchor Chart... Punctuation is important and so many lack it!

Punctuating Dialogue - This is a great, FREE activity from Teachers Pay Teachers.

At large group time a favorite activity has been SECRET SENTENCE time! Working together we read the words and figure out where they belong. We have been learning that a sentences begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark.


"I'm Done Jar" - a list of activities that are fun & meaningful for the kids to do after they have finished their assignments.

First grade writing

FREE Punctuation activity


Reading Comprehension Question Cube- Neat idea for a lit circle activity. This activity would have students developing their own questions and curiosity. (TEAM)

During reader's workshop we used the book The Snowy Day to respond to literature. Here are some of the activities we did. We made text-to-self connections. They drew Peter in the snow and then they drew themselves in the snow. They loved this activity.

English, Primary 3 -5: Activities: Play Sentence Scramble For teaching simple to compound sentences

Citizenship freebie. So could have used this in my lesson two weeks ago. Oh well, now I can use it in the future!

Read about an activity to make fluency more visual to students. It is engaging and fun! And you can use what you already have in your classroom! ....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' teaching tools other fun stuff ;)

FREE Phonemic Awareness Warm Up Activity for small group reading .....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-keep' literacy tools fun teaching stuff :)

Rhyme a Week--with lesson plans!

Take It or Leave It- fun way to teach opinion writing!

Short printable fluency phrase cards by grade level. Also, fluency with punctuation cards are available for printing. Print on card stock.

Ideas for fun things to do with your class in the last few weeks of school.

When learning Homophones, try this fun, interactive sound matching game. Students must work together to find out what they are, and then find their match!