Activities: Play Punctuation Red Light, Green Light!

Teaching my first grade class about the four types of sentences (Declarative, imperative, interrogative, & exclamatory). This was a great review activity

The Punctuation Dance-- love this idea for teaching kids to notice punctuation and pause for it while reading! Terrific for fluency AND mixing a little movement into your day!

Punctuating Dialogue - This is a great, FREE activity from Teachers Pay Teachers.

▶ Punctuation Explained (by Punctuation!) - YouTube

"I'm Done Jar" - a list of activities that are fun & meaningful for the kids to do after they have finished their assignments.


FREE Punctuation Mark game

FiveForFriday Punctuation Anchor Chart... Punctuation is important and so many lack it!

Your students will absolutely love this activity! After reading the sentence card they must decide if it is a silly or sensible sentence. Fun!

First grade writing

At large group time a favorite activity has been SECRET SENTENCE time! Working together we read the words and figure out where they belong. We have been learning that a sentences begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark.

One minute activities to get the kids' blood pumping and to break up seatwork time.

Trapped! Punctuation game is a super fun online game that provides great practice in punctuation skills.

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves.--Good first day of school activity to get to know students

Writing Sentences: A Roll and Write Activity ~ get kids learning about sentence structure and writing longer sentences with this interactive writing activity | This Reading Mama

Perimeter & Area activity and other great ideas for teaching math

Cute apple measuring activity....great for centers!

Multiple Meaning Words

LEGO® 'Time Teacher' Watch & Activity Clock available at #Nordstrom

This activity spins off the book, "A My Name is Alice". Awesome idea for getting to know each other.