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Stunning Photo of a Kiss Over Lava in the Rain

Stunning Photo of a Kiss Over Lava in the Rain by Dallas Nagata White via @Luisnomad

Senza rischi non si fa nulla di grande. (André Gide) in foto un ciliegio in fiore tra la lava del vulcano Fuji in Giappone

Fantastic shot of man skydiving into Burning Man…

In this incredible photograph we see a skydiver looking upward before his descent to the Burning Man Festival. Now in its year, the annual festival takes place on the playa of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. More than participants attended this [...]

Grip the sand, they remind themselves. Go low, stay low. Their faces contort, their muscles tighten in reaction to the struggle for power with the ocean. They surface when the surge has passed. Then breathe. They are unaware that a camera has captured it all; from straining arms clawing at sand to eyes squeezed shut against the bite of salt. Mark Tipple holds his camera steady in the melting foam, and makes his way to shore. ‘Surf photography’s been around forever. I wanted something…

This is the best way to start the day. A kiss on the forehead, check from your partner before leaving the bed

Making Love, Not War During the Vancouver Riots

"make love, not war" -- taken by rich lam during the vancouver riots. (police had knocked the woman down; her boyfriend was comforting her.)

Hoi! Ik heb een geweldige listing gevonden op Etsy