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Diet coke :)

I'm trying to get over my addiction to you. I haven't bought soda for the house at all in the new year.


Quitting Diet Soda. A 6 Step Program.

diet coke: chemicals over calories

Itsjustjared: Color Me Addicted! i Fucking Love Diet Coke! (Kabfalter)(Via Staree) Oh Count Me in! i Dont Drink Soda As Much As before Though. My Stomach Gets Weird. :p but Yeah, Chemicals Over Calories! Picture on VisualizeUs

Dieta del Amor. Como Bajar de peso en dos semanas para el DIA DEL AMOR.

Diet coke is my daily dose of happiness. Without my diet coke my day just isn't the same. i drinks diet coke and I will always drink diet coke.

Throughout Europe

Throughout Europe

The straw is how you know it's mine.  And the lipstick.

The straw is how you know it's mine. And the lipstick.

I will buy a Coke in Israel just to have one of the cans in Hebrew :)

In Hebrew the tav turns into the "D" - still looks like diet.

Now that I've given it up, I need one of these in the house.......just in case....HAHAHAHA - truth

This needs to happen. except coke zero, diet dr. pepper, or diet pepsi.