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    Mormons on the Titanic

    Missionaries miss the Titanic

    "A portrait of Madeleine Astor, who set sail with her husband John Jacob Astor IV on the Titanic - he was famously the richest man on the ship. She survived the sinking, but her husband sadly did not." Photo by Rex Features, 1812. Featured in "British Vogue" in an article about the time of the Titanic.

    Edwina Troutt : A Titanic survivor who died in 1984. She was 27 years old when she survived the Titanic sinking, was a beloved guest at Titanic conventions and continued to attend even into her late 90s. She died in California at the age of 100. Edwina never let the Titanic sinking spook her: She made several Atlantic crossings throughout her life.

    Titanic sinking coverage from The Salt Lake Tribune in 1912.

    Life Aboard the Titanic | RMS Titanic Remembered

    Titanic Launch Ticket

    Titanic, newspaper article

    New York Herald newspaper dated 04/16/1912: The Titantic sinks on its maiden voyage. On exhibit in the News Corporation News History Gallery at the Newseum. Photo credit: Newseum collection.

    Titanic Sinks

    Toy pig belonging to Edith Russell carried off the Titanic. ZBA2989.

    Eva Hart left, Millvina Dean center, Edith Brown Haisman right

    "A wealthy, single socialite, Edith Corse Evans was 36 years old when she boarded the Titanic. On board she befriended a 59 year old wife and mother named Caroline Brown. The two women were among the throng trying to reach a lifeboat as the Titanic sank. When only one space remained, Edith pushed Caroline forward saying “You go first, you have children waiting at home.” Edith was one of four first class women to perish in the sinking of the Titanic. Her body has never been recovered."

    Lawrence Beesley

    The Edith Brown Story...16 year old survivor of the Titanic.. wanna read this someday!

    Edith Brown who was 15 years old when she survived the Titanic’s sinking, was best known for appearing at a ceremony in 1993 during which she was presented with her father’s pocket watch that had been recovered from the Titanic wreckage. Edith Brown Haisman died in Southampton in 1997 at the age of 100.

    When it was completed in 1912, the Great Omar was the most elaborate and opulent binding ever created. It was embellished with over 1,000 jewels, 5,000 leather onlays and 100 square feet of gold leaf. It took a team of craftsmen over two and a half years to make. It went down with the Titanic

    #IreneCorbett & year-old son Mack She died on #Titanic. #photo courtesy of Don Corbett

    Titanic watch

    …the man who loved this beauty was supposed to sail aboard Titanic but ended up shanghaied aboard a tramp steamer bound for China.  His trunk, whose contents included the letters he received from this ravishing creature while he traveled around the world, did make the voyage, and sank with the unsinkable ship.  It was recovered from the ocean floor eighty-one years later, its artifacts restored.

    Artifacts From the Titanic | from the dark, icy waters of the North Atlantic after the Titanic ...

    emarkably, this Marconi telegram sent by Titanic survivor Philip Mock to his brother in law Paul Schabert, notifying him that both he and Mrs. Schabert had survived, has been preserved. Thanks to Randy Ritter of Derby for the image.

    Audio of survivor accounts from Titanic shipwreck

    Richard Norris Williams III (Tennis Star) also gained fame as being a survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster in April 1912. He and his father, Charles (who he saw crushed by a falling funnel), were traveling first class on the liner. Shortly after the collision, Williams freed a trapped passenger from a cabin by breaking down a door. He was reprimanded by a steward, who threatened to fine him for destroying White Star Line property, an event that inspired a scene in Cameron's 1997 film Titanic.

    Titanic sinking coverage from The Salt Lake Tribune in 1912.