Sorting Shapes Sheet

Letters & colours at Funtastic Early Childhood Ideas (",)

Here's a set of "I can" posters for sorting by color, shape and size. FREE

Simple Shape Book: We are working on basic shapes. My kids love two things: glue sticks and reading books. So, I combined their two loves by creating them a Simple Shape Book! They get to glue shapes into the book and then read it over and over again. Fun! Considering my kids have a pretty short attention span, I created the book with only three shapes. A circle, square and triangle. Can teach Colors and Shapes at the same time.

Sorting Colors Printable @ The Activity Mom. This could very well be used as a non-music activity too. (I pinned it in both places)

Classroom Freebies Too: Shape Reference

use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor

This is an exceptional way to teach kids about shapes. This is more than just identifying them...this will teach them why a hexagon is a hexagon!

sorting shape bags

Color Sorting Flower with Tweezers will work on the children pincer grasp, hand eye coordination, and visual discrimination. Develop strength by grasping the tweezers and hand eye coordination by placing the beads in the correct compartment. Visual discrimination can help the child determine which bead goes in each area.

Cookie Sheet Activities

Teaching toddlers their colors via the color wheel from

Material TEACH early childhood assessment ideas - add some color matching to this.... RH

Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag (with Printable) from

Find the Shape! A fun game for toddlers or preschoolers that helps them learn shapes - also includes gross motor practice.

DIY Mouse Shape Dice Game by Teach Preschool - story review use pictures instead of shapes

Good directions - we needed to blow ours up first! Simple To Make Texture Balloons for Tactile Sensory processing Input

Tape Shape Sort

freebie shape sheet!

Learning Center: This activity helps with child's when they are learning their colors and this could also be for counting. This helps with the fine Motor skills and is helpful for teachers.

Learning About Textures