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favorite professor: McGonagall, you unrepentant awesome queen of a woman. I don't even...I mean, what can you even say about her? she loves Harry, she loves the school, she defends everyone she cares about, she just...I love her. how can you not?

INTERVIEWER: I understand that Alfonso had you each write an essay, what was that all about? RUPERT: Um, well. Actually I didn’t. I never did the essay. EMMA: Yeah, he basically asked us to write an essay about who we thought our characters were, why they did the things they do, their backgrounds, their feelings, their thoughts. How they’ve changed in the first year of Hogwarts, the second year of Hogwarts, and now into the third year… DANIEL: And it was … I felt really so pleased with…

Wizardly E-Reader Cases : Harry Potter Kindle Cozies

Harry Potter Kindle Cozies by Life Geekery are Adorable #design #creativity