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Please stop mistaking my wonderful sense of humor as flirtation. Just because I make you laugh does not mean I want you. I'm just naturally hilarious.


How I feel every morning…

How I feel #waking up... But... I just go up yesterday!

I would really love it if you tied me up, because then I could succumb to my inherent laziness without feeling guilty.

Hmmm... Yes, I shall take your crude attempt at petty humor, as a compliment!! Don't ya love it when people don't have any other come back but - "you're a bitch." Awww Thank you!


Disturbingly True…

Story of my life

For f**k's sake, I can't handle the amount of stupid that's presenting itself to me today.

I have been there!!! It's funny now to look back on feeling that way! It's been about 2yrs now that I became confident enough in who I am to not have to hide or avoid. And Lord am I ever thankful for it!! It really stinks to be so consumed with hate & bitterness that you can't even be in the presence of another person. Big, big lesson I had to learn!!

I'm working really hard for a graduate degree, but if the opportunity arises to become a housewife, I'm taking it. | College Ecard