• Alexandra Williams

    Zoo animal waffle maker: great idea for kids! And I will even feel like a kid again

  • Leslie Crowder

    Bella 13549 Circus Waffle Maker (Giraffe shaped waffles???? I must have this!)

  • Danielle Frost

    Bella 13549 Circus Waffle Maker - Waffle Irons - Kitchen - Macy's

  • Jenn R

    Zoo animal waffle maker. I need this so I can eat giraffe shaped waffles!

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Need it. It re-seals bags, people. It RE-SEALS THEM!!

Super Grip Lock Deadbolt strap is a dead end for intruders! Door can't be opened, even with a key. Great for nights home alone.

Dreamfarm Tapi Fountain Rubber Tap

"The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock ($20) makes us so very happy! We've got nothing against the breakroom microwave, per se, but warming our food slowly and safely on our desks yields much more flavorful lunches. Our pasta leftovers don't congeal and separate, soups warm thoroughly, and we don't have to wait in line to nuke."

Keep counters clean w/ these new utensils featuring weighted handels to keep the utensil head up off the counter and hygienic.

OXO Corn Peeler

Stamp out ID theft. I never throw out mail or magazines without first stamping out my private information.

We need this...our toaster is plotting against us -- see-through toaster so the toast won't get burnt ever again!

Paintable. Temporary. Wallpaper. How many times have you wished for this? Whether you’re renting or you have kids (or you’re just artistically fickle) this stuff is something to try out. It’s a vinyl coated self adhesive wallpaper, and you can use almost any art supplies to decorate it however you want.

Intelligent Bandaid... moms with boys can never have enough bandaid or bandaid tips I need this

Need this everyone likes their stake different.

Stirr--It walks around the pot, blending ingredients and keeping them from sticking to the bottom while you are doing other things. Great for making custards and gravy that require attention. NEED.

Melon Cutter....Neat, uniform melon slices with just one swipe.

A power strip where you can actually use all the plugs

Swoop Storage Bag

Cube Tube: Ice cube tray redesigned, space saver

Manatee iPad Stand - There are so many times I wish I had this!

Cake Cutter + Server

wonderful baking rack - a real space saver! Good for prepping pan after pan of cookies & good for cooling the racks that come out of the oven!

Finally someone was thinking! I never know where to put the lid!

Portable Humidifier

Waterproof speakers and create sound ripples. I'll get this when I have a pool :)

Microwave Splatter Covers--non-toxic, thin, store flat in drawer, keeps food from popping in microwave, dishwasher-safe--4 in a pack--9-7-two-5 @$7.98

i want this bowl

Keep your cables on your table! $9.99 #computer #gadgets # Pin++ for Pinterest #