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Twin Set- Peas and Carrots Baby or Toddler Costumes

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from Better Homes and Gardens

Veggies (with pattern) this really is a cute costume, but you can't tell me it was the child's idea! "Oh Mom..please let me be a carrott for Halloween this year! I have always dreamed of being a carrot, please mommy, please just make me that carrott costume! I am begging you!!!" Waaahhhaaa waaahhhaaa!

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Kids Twin Set Halloween Costume Ketchup and Mustard Girl Costume Boy Costume Children Toddler Group Costume

Pin for Later: Coordinated Halloween Costumes For Twins, Triplets, and Siblings Condiments No hot dog is complete without both ketchup and mustard! It's an out-of-the-box twin costume that will surely star in your next scrapbook.

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Baby Costume Toddler Costume Pie Halloween Costume Blueberry Cherry Pumpkin Lemon Strawberry


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Frozen Banana Yoghurt Bites recipe - Simple and healthy snack idea with only 3 ingredients - easy recipe for kids from Eats Amazing UK

from A Healthy Slice of Life

Kid-Friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt Drops

DIY Greek Yogurt Drops recipe for Kids (young and old). Frozen Greek yogurt drops! I made them Thursday morning on my Thinking Outside the Lunchbox segment on FOX News Rising. These kid-friendly Frozen Greek Yogurt drops are great for kids of all ages, from baby led weaing to toddler snacks and beyond, they are a healthy, delicious treat!

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