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have actually pondered this one before. still can never figure it out.

Then I get so frustrated that I hate everyone.

*Username or Password incorrect* ... why can't you just tell me which one? | Img @ So Relatable.

Nope! I am the person who will eat or drink either one anytime when the mood strikes:) and that's often:)

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Haha yes because I've lost all trust in myself at that point

I do this EVERY day multiple times a day! And I hate it it's really annoying!! It gives me a headache also. I wish I didn't have that problem…but I think it all happens to people sooner or later ;-)

i don't know how many times Rach has said this to me... "but they're great in the garden!" ;)

drives me crazy and then you automatically think they are mad at you so you mass text them and then they actually get mad

Definitely - never seem to be able to get it and then get mad that I have to get up and switch the light on just for that.