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In grad school, there is no "not sure". You're definitely forgetting something. I feel like this three weeks into the semester.

This is pretty much everyday.

Not sure at all

Not Sure if in Bad Mood or Everyone is being Annoying.its not me.


OMG YES! That'd actually be a lot smarter cause then people think they're funny and are more likely to give them money for amusing them.

Check out this whisper!

Some guy was staring at me judgementally in McDonalds so I looked him in the eye, took a bite of my burger and said "Mcfuckyou" (the snap I made after)

21 hilarious funny religious humor memes (15)

23 of the Funniest Religious Memes/Cartoons

Old English had a concurrent open compound halig daeg, found later in Middle English holy day, which became modern English holiday, meaning both a religious festival and a day of recreation.

My boyfriend is NOT allowed to eat Cheerios!

My boyfriend is NOT allowed to eat Cheerios! Minus the cussin it's soooo funny


too funny! and i am not against blondes at all, this was just too funny not to post!