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Link has more - coffee, Coke, chocolate.... check them out!!

Given enough ____Diet Dr Pepper______ I could rule the world. Printable from (Dr Pepper, Diet Coke, chocolate, frosting,etc)

Diet coke

"save water and drink diet coke" (penny jane designs). I tried to give up soda. But I like diet coke too much.

Diet coke has gotten me through 21 years of raising kids <3

This house runs on LOVE and lots of Dr Pepper ♥.Yep that would be "our house"

Playing around on the computer... JP's mantra ♥

When all else fails, a little retail therapy at my favorite store always helps! by jenifer. i could not agree more! during my first years in philly- i did target therapy all of the time.

BDCFF (Best Diet Coke Friends Forever) @Amanda Krueger Wanke

Brightsides Designs Giveaway - Simple Art for Rad People!


I do this to people when I'm drunk. Mostly people names Roxanne. Thankfully the only song I've ever heard my name in is a slow country song that most don't know and wouldn't sing.

Schedule indisputable.

laundry schedule - make this for my laundry room.if I actually had a whole room that I could devote to laundry!

I think everyone with a man in their life can relate to this!

Every day I fall in love with you more & more.well, not every day yesterday you were pretty annoying! LOL cute lil' pack of gum & funny gag gift!

Ugh or better yet Diet DP.  Those of you who really know me - Know this is so true for me.

Poster "Keep Calm and Drink Diet Coke" -Digital Poster

Life is Better in Flip Flops 4.5X6  Hanger Sign

Life is Better in Flip Flops 4.5X6 Hanger Sign

Life is Better in Flip Flops 4.5X6 Hanger Sign

Ha! So true! Everyday after school we go get slushes from Sonic!

So true! I noticed they did not have a "wine" one but they do have that for the "home"! Tons of great free printables from Sweet Blessings: SONIC Signs

You know you're a Texan when... :D Well duh how else do ya ask for one! It's the American Way.

what kind of COKE you want? This drives me nuts. A cokes a coke. A sprites a sprite. My god it ain't that hard people! Coke does not mean pop or soda. Ie coke!


I stay up late every night and realize it's a bad idea every morning. Story of my life!

the only 2 reasons i listen to voicemails.. 1. if i don't know the number. 2. to get rid of the icon on the screen

I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.