Stone VW

Volkswagen Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor who used parts of the vehicle as raw materials and combined them with polyester and aluminum to achieve this remarkable effect. #Installation #VW

22 fun sculptures featuring Volkswagen Beetles

volkswagen ball

VW Bugs at the drive-in movie for Herbie

♥ Sleeping on the beach

Volkswagen Micro-Bus - The Verdier. Like an Airstream meets VW!

VW Beetle

VW Beetle

Artist Dale Klee Unframed Old Volkswagen Print Bugs and Things |

volkswagen bug art.

VW attached to a VW

Abandoned, discarded, and unwanted, re-purposed receptacles for plants so sad but with some work to make them safe to drive they would make for some awesome rat look bigs

vw beetle

pink beetle!

Americana Bug

A cool modern Yin Yang Cars Art inspired sculpture made of VW bugs

VW Bus


VW Beetle my love

♡~♡ vw