• Vivian Esparza Abagiu

    Score Affordable Natural Beauty at the Drugstore

  • Bolegaindia

    Beauty products girls must carry in bag!

  • Martha Ubides

    7 Easy Tips for Beautiful Hair Look for styling aids that contain shine-enhancing and hair-softening oils, like sunflower, soybean, argan and sweet almond oils. A weekly intensive moisture-boosting hair mask or scalp treatment will also help rejuvenate fragile, weak hair.

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    8 Dr Oz Drugstore Beauty Deals

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    Dangers of Skin Products! Find Out What Cancer-Causing Contaminants May Be Inside Your Favorite Lotion! | River Valley Chiropractic

  • K Mason

    Shampoo Booster: Gelatin - Adding a store-bought packet of gelatin to your favorite shampoo will help make it last longer by thickening the product. Simply mix 1 packet of gelatin with 1/2 cup water and about half a bottle of shampoo (roughly five ounces). You can pour the packet and water mixture straight into bottle and shake it. You’ll use less shampoo in each shower, and your hair will have more body and shine.

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    Skin Care Junkie Problems #SCJProblems

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